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C-350 Jib 100%
Furling Ullman Offshore

Part #: BA9514
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Catalina 350 Offshore furling jib standard rig by Ullman. 100%, premium high performance Dacron sail cloth. Includes furling cover, foam luff, leech and foot lines plus a high quality sail bag and a sail tie. It's cross cut with UV resistant cloth cover on the leech and the foot line.

Larger boats experience a much larger range of sailing conditions. Your sails need to be built to match your conditions. Our sails for larger Catalinas are designed-to-order based on your specific sailing style, conditions, and input. Call the team at Catalina Direct. We will put our store of Catalina knowledge and over 40 years of experience to work for you.
You may choose one of our several standard Sunbrella fabric colors available for your leech cover. Make your choice using the drop down menu above.

We must know the make and model of your furler. If you know this information, place it in the "Additional Comments" field available within the "Shipping Options" section during checkout.

If you are unsure which furler you have, we will assist in determining your furler information when we call you with detailed shipping information after you place your order.

A word regarding our sail cloth:
We do not use cheap, no name fabric. We use primarily Dimension - Polyant sailcloth. Dimension is a German company with production facilities in Germany and the US. On occasion, when cloth weight demands it, we may use cloth by Contender. With head offices in the Netherlands, Contender has locations in the US and worldwide. Both companies manufacture high quality, premium Dacron sailcloth.
Sail Type: 110% Furling
Cloth Weight: 8 oz
Draft Stripe: N
Furling Cover (stbd side): Y
Foam Luff: Y
Leech & Foot Lines: Y
Standard Furling Cover (stbd side): Sunbrella
Reef Reference Marks: At 100% and 90%

Technical Support

Sunbrella Color Options for Catalina Direct Sail Covers

Sunbrella color options for Catalina Direct Sail Covers

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