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Handrail Teak, 11 Loop, OEM, C-34, C-36 (pr)

Part #: Z2445
This product is currently unavailable due to a break in the supply chain. To be contacted when the part is available, place the item in your Shopping Cart by clicking "Order Now!" and process the order together with the other parts you need. We will call you when this part becomes available. Your credit card will not be charged for this item until it's available.
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After 66 years supplying the marine industry, Catalina’s primary teak manufacturer closed. Their equipment has been liquidated and the factory sold. We have contracted with an experienced marine millwright who is manufacturing teak parts for us using the original patterns developed for Catalina's original equipment parts. We are excited about this ability to continue to offer replacements for your aging teak.
Due to the length of these handrails UPS will not accept them for shipment. Therefore they must ship via common carrier. Shipping will be over $100.00 and can be as high as $350 if they are going across the country. Some customers have chosen instead to replace the eleven loop handrails with two five loop handrails per side. Mount the two handrails with a one loop gap between them. You may already have a similar gap aft between a one or two loop handrail and the eleven loop handrail where space was left for a dodger. Since UPS will accept the length of the five loop handrails, shipping will be charged based on our standard shipping schedule which is much less expensive. Only you and other Catalina 34 and Catalina 36 owners will ever notice the difference.

If you're interested in saving shipping costs: Order four #D1204 five loop handrails, leaving a single loop gap between the forward and aft handrails. Or for a UV resistant and maintenance free replacement order four #Z2718 starboard plastic handrails.

These handrails are 113" long with 10" loops.

1) Regarding Teak Prices: Due to the volatility of the price of teak wood all teak prices are our closest estimate. If the price indicated above has increased we will contact you prior to shipping.

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