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Teak Plug, Handrails 1/2" Dia

Part #: Z3466
These plugs are used to create a finished look to the holes left after through bolting your teak hand rails. Includes 10 plugs, so order a few sets if you are doing one of the larger looped handrails.
The handrails on early Catalinas were fastened entirely with screws installed from below. This method worked surprisingly well. I have witnessed a 230 pound sailor loose his footing while boat hopping during a raft-up. On the way overboard, he grabbed a five loop handrail. With only screws securing the handrail, it took the sailor's full weight on his way down and didn't fail.

With later production, Catalina added a few through bolts to make the handrails even stronger. Through bolts require holes be countersunk onto the top of the handrail to accommodate the head of the bolt. The holes are then filled with the teak plugs. The plugs are cut flush with a sharp wood chisel and sanded smooth. Finally, a wood finish is applied. See "May we also suggest" below for the teak finishes we offer.