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Outhaul, Internal, C-30, C-34, C-36 Std w/ Internal Reefing 10:1 Purchase

Part #: Z3822
Our internal outhaul for booms with internal reefing increases the factory supplied 3:1 internal outhaul purchase to a more useful 10:1 mechanical advantage. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to trim the outhaul to adjust the depth of the draft of your mains'l! Order this kit if you have a Catalina 30, Catalina 34 with a standard or tall rig, or if you have a Catalina 36 with a standard rig. See "May we also suggest" below for kits for the Catalina 28, and Catalina 36 tall rig or if you have external reefing.
We use the original cleat, cleat location, and single sheaves in each of the gooseneck and boom end castings. We substitute ball bearing Harken blocks and create a simple cascade purchase inside the boom in place of the two original single blocks to create more purchase.

The photo above shows the layout of the blocks to illustrate how the system works, but all of these components are installed inside the boom. The forward block is shackled around the bushing in the forward internal reefing sheave box with a longer D shackle which is provided with the kit. Another special wide D shackle is provided and replaces the forward outhaul sheave clevis pin in the gooseneck casting and is where the fixed end of the wire is attached.

The block in the bottom left hand corner of the photo is swaged to the actual outhaul wire. That wire continues aft then exits the boom as usual through your existing sheave in the boom end casting.
• Line diameter: 1/4"
• Length of line included: 40'
• Line construction: Double braid continuous strand line without mill splices (see "Technical Support" below for the full story)
• Fiber: Dacron Polyester cover, w/ Polyester core
• Stretch: Very low stretch
• Color: White with red marker
1) Neither the gooseneck casting nor the boom end casting are included in the kit. We also assume your cleat and two original sheaves are in good condition and can be reused. If any of these parts are in need of replacement, you must order them separately.

2) Click on the photo thumbnails below for more information.

3) The length of line included with the kit assumes you are cleating the outhaul on the original boom mounted jam cleat. If you would like to lead the line back to the cockpit, let us know. We will oblige by selling you the extra feet of line on a per foot basis. We will assemble the kit accordingly per your request. Just call in your order and let us know how many feet extra you would like.

Technical Support

What is a Mill Splice
 What is mill splicing?