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Cabin Light Red and White LED w/ Bezel

Part #: Z2845
This LED fixture is an excellent replacement for the old square fixture found in many Catalinas. It features a 3 position switch for red light for those evening sails, white light for the times you need additional light as well as off for when you do not need it . A bezel is included that covers the footprint of the old style square fixture so there won't be any screw holes visible.
It doesn't have the look of your old light. But don't be too attached to you old ones. They were originally chosen because they were inexpensive and did the job. They were not marine products, but came directly from the RV industry.

The new fixture has the advantage of very low current draw, 0.12 amps compared to 1.44 amps. Less than 10% of the draw of the original incandescent fixture. And the light is brighter! This fixture is rated at 116 lumens with a color temperature of 5500k. The replacement fixture also has the advantage of a lens designed to diffuse the directional light emitted by the LED's. Adding an LED array to an existing fixture creates a bright spot directly under the light but doesn't diffuse the light to the sides.
• Length: 11"
• Width: 5-1/2"