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Bow Navigation Lights Flush Mounted LED

Part #: Z3720
A new, LED version of the traditional, hull mounted navigation lights. These are direct replacements for lights used on all early Catalina 25's, Catalina 27's and Catalina 30's. The housing is stainless steel rather than the original die cast zinc (yes, the original fixtures were the same metal as your sacrificial zinc anodes!). Unlike incandescent fixtures whose exposed metal electrical contacts will corrode over time, electrical contacts in these LED fixtures are encapsulated in epoxy such that there are no exposed electrical components.

Sold per pair
They are a very convenient replacement but we suggest you consider moving the bow navigation light to your pulpit. When the boat is heeled going to weather, hull mounted lights make a pretty reflection off the bow wave, but they are invisible to another boat to leeward.

Test your lights before completing the installation. LEDs are polarity sensitive. If a light doesn't light up, switch the two wires to correct the polarity and this will cure the problem.
Distance: 1 NM
Coverage: 112.5°

Height: 2-15/16"
Width: 7-3/4"

Type: LED
Watts: 10

US Coast Guard Approved: LED Flush Mount Side Lights are approved for USCG 1 NM (Colreg 1 mile). Direct replacement for Z2015. Includes port and starboard lights. All USCG approved navigation lights must be mounted properly to provide the correct visual alignment and allow unimpeded sight lines. Please refer to USCG regulations for 1 NM and 2 NM navigation lights for more information.

The manufacturer reports that current American Boat and Yacht Council requirements demand the use of fixed LED elements in new construction. They are not replaceable LED capsules that can be used to in place if the incandescent bulbs used in your original equipment fixtures.