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KiwiGrip Kit

Part #: Z4401
Kiwi Grip is a long lasting non-skid coating that spreads quickly and easily with the special roller provided, offering a beautiful, high traction surface. By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from a smooth texture similar to a leisure sailboat to an aggressive texture similar to ferry boat decks.
Kiwi Grip does not use any fillers such as sand, walnut shells, beads or rubber fleck as these fillers tend to fall out when they wear through and this leaves the deck unsafe, hard to clean and even harder to re-coat.

1 quart can of KiwiGrip will cover about 20 sq. feet.

Color Options:
For a custom color, any paint dealer can color match white KiwiGrip for you, usually for a small charge. Limit the tint to 2% by volume, as it is loaded with a UV stabilizer.

Non-Toxic: No volatile solvents, very low VOC. (Cleans up with soap and water.)
My husband introduced me to this product before I joined the team at Catalina Direct. I have sworn by it ever since. We have used it on many of the boats we have sailed, raced, maintained and owned. The easy application process with the textured roller is nice as it helps achieve the correct texture I am looking for. The fact that it is environmentally friendly and you can color match any color in the rainbow is nice too.

I keep an extra liter in my dock box in case I need to touch up or a friend is looking to try it out.

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