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Cockpit Light Snap On for 1" Tubing

Part #: Z4120
We have finally found the cockpit light we have been looking for. Completely portable, it snaps securely onto any 1" diameter tube.
• Al fresco dining: Snap to the pedestal guard to illuminate your pedestal mounted table.
• Reading: Snap onto the side support of your dodger. Perfectly positioned over your shoulder to light your favorite book.
• General cockpit lighting: Snap onto the aft grabrail of your dodger to light the entire cockpit.
• Red light protects your night vision while viewing a chart in the cockpit
• Inviting: Warm 2700k LED gives the cockpit a cozy ambiance. • Sprayproof: IPX-5 (12.5 liters per minute for at least 3 minutes)
• Durable but light construction designed to withstand falls over 2m/6 feet.
• Rechargeable: Plug into any USB socket
• Long battery life and bright when you need it.
• The first setting that comes on is red so as not to ruin your night vision. Simply cycle the switch in quick succession to change the lighting mode.

• High: 140 lumens, 14 miles, 16 hour battery life
• Medium: 55 lumens, 9 miles, 53 hour battery life
• Low: 7 lumens, 3 miles, 120 hour battery life
• S.O.S.:15 lumens, 156 hour battery life

• High: 100 hour battery life
• Low (flashing): 200 hour battery life
• Are you using some of the great new navigation apps available for your cell phone or tablet? They are fantastic but consume a fair amount of power. Connect either to the USB output plug on the light and extend your run time in the cockpit.
• The internal 2700mAh lithium-polymer is the same capacity as an iPhone 10 battery so you double the runtime of a navigation app or recharge your phone.
• Can be used to charge any external USB device such as an iPad.
My wife says I’m a flashlight slut but I love this light!

One thing absent from a Catalina’s cockpit is a decent light. Since this one snaps onto any 1" tube, it can be moved to any location that is suitable to the task at hand. Its brightness is adjustable so it can be use for a dim light to ease boarding after dinner ashore or as a bright reading light. It will even snap onto the pedestal guard. And it last for hours.

I even throw it in my carryon when traveling to a charter destination. During a long layover it can completely re-charge my iPhone 10. Once to the boat it gets used daily for all sorts of tasks aboard. It is a bit pricy, but for for a versatile Swiss army knife of portable lights it’s great!

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