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Mast Bracket Assembly, C-320, C-34, C-36, C-380, C-42

Part #: Z3273
Mast bracket assembly used on the Catalina 320's non-furling and furling mast, Catalina 34 and Catalina 36 furling mast only and also the Catalina 42 non-furling masts. This bracket assembly is also used on Catalina 380 as a boom vang mast end bracket.

When used as a gooseneck the boom toggle in this most recent version has been changed from aluminum to a much more robust stainless steel investment casting. See "More Images" below to view the earlier version which is no longer available.

Known Usage:
C-320 non-furling mast
C-320 furling mast
C-34 furling mast
C-36 furling mast
C-42 non-furling mast (late 90's only)

Boom vang:
C-390 (some)

• Height: 119mm (approximately 4-3/4")
• Width: 90mm (approximately 3-3/4")
• Toggle Pin: 14mm (approximately 0.55")
In addition, the old pin design with the stepped diameter is no longer available. Not only was it ridiculously expensive due to the multi-step machining process, the threaded stud at the bottom was also weak and subject to failure. This new pin has a much larger diameter thread and nut and is therefore a much stronger design.

The vertical hole(s) in the gray aluminum mast casting may require drilling to a larger size as different pin designs have been used over time.