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Spinnaker or Whisker Pole Toggle & Knuckle Assembly (Toggle Style)

Part #: Z5509
Spinnaker pole or whisker pole toggle and knuckle (pin) assembly for socket style end fittings typical for applications for boats 35' to 70', or for the Catalina 350s and larger.

Looked into as an option for some Catalina owers with earlier rigs with existing specialty cars for which they would like to be able to use with newer poles.

Does not include car, see our Z5145 for assembly for use on a 1-1/4" track.
• Automatically lock into place with a firm push of the pole
• Quick release with the flick of the release lever on the socket
• Stainless steel, toggle and pin
    • Width, largest: ~2-1/2"
    • Width, smallest: ~1-3/4"
    • Height: ~1" less a bit
    • Length, overall: 3-3/4"
    • Pin to pin, vertical to horizontal, center to center: 2-3/4"
    • Hole diameters for vertical horizontal pins: 1/2" (~12.5mm)
    • Width at pin connection: ~1-1/2"
    • Height: ~1" less a bit
    • Diameter: 1"
    • Length, overall: 3-3/4"
    • Length, center of pin to tip: 3-1/4"
    • Length, tip tolock recess: 1/2"
1) For use with our T2027 car used on earlier masts that included a built in section on which the cars could ride on the front of the mast you will need to make sure the following fit issues are addressed:
    • Bushing to cover differences in vertical pin diameters, or the 1/2" hole versus 10mm (~3/8") OD pin on car
    • Shims to prevent any movement up and down between the inside ears of car and top and bottom of the toggle
    • Possible reshaping or creation of your own bumper to limit the travel of the toggle

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