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Opening Port Gasket, Lewmar Stainless Steel 7-1/2" x 14-7/16"

Part #: Z3788
This gasket fits size 7/12" x 14-7/16" Lewmar New Standard (round end) stainless steel opening port. It could have been as early as October 26, 2005 that Catalina started using these ports in California. Florida usage start date is unknow, but was probably around the same time. The New Standard ports secure closed with two dogs which close by pushing them toward the lens with your thumbs.
Known Usage:
• (4 ea) on the Catalina 320
• (6 ea) on the Catalina 34
• (4 ea) on the Catalina 36
• (2 ea) on the Catalina 387 (aft, 1 in head, 1 in aft cabin)

The quantities used on each boat may vary with the year.

There may be other uses we are not aware of. They were also not used every year the boat was produced.
• Outside of mounting flange (measured on the outside of the boat): 367mm x 191mm (about (14-7/16" x 7-1/2")
• Cut out size: 347mm x 171mm (about 13-5/8" x 6-3/4")

• Height: 135mm (about 5-1/4")
• Length: 310mm (about 12-3/16")
• From the outside surface of the lens to center of the hinge axis: 1.14" (about 29mm)

Please note that these ports are built in England and made to metric system standard dimensions. All Imperial equivalents are approximate.
Depending on the size of the port, may include tape to install between the frame and the gasket as shown in the attached installation drawing in "Technical Support" below. Lewmar Size 1RE Stainless Steel Frame