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Custom C-22 Stainless
Anchor Roller

Part #: D2070
• Installs without any additional holes in the boat
• Sandwiches between your existing stem fitting and the deck
• Asymmetric frame design mounts to starboard of the centerline of the boat to provide room for the anchor within a limited deck space
Fairlead aft on the starboard allows your rode line to be secured to the starboard mooring cleat.
• When weighing anchor, the asymmetric roller design causes the rode to move to starboard and avoid the forestay turnbuckle
• Sized to stow a Danforth 8S anchor on the bow, ready for use
• New! Access hole in side plate for installing the forestay clevis pin even when used with furling gear.

Our anchor roller will fit many different anchors, but with the multitude of anchors available, only you can judge if it is appropriate for stowing your anchor aboard your boat. Try your anchor in our roller to check for acceptable fit. If it doesn't work for you, you are welcome to return it within 30 days and in new condition for a full refund.

Recently an owner of an early 1970's Catalina discovered the mounting hole pattern in his stem fitting is slightly different. Please verify the dimensions with the diagram. Owners of early boats may need to drill oversize mounting holes in the roller frame.

Let us know what anchor you have used successfully on our roller and we will record the information for the benefit of your fellow Catalina 22 sailors.