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Mast Step Halyard Plate C-25 Tall/Std Rig

Part #: E9051
This is used in combination with a stainless steel mast step , this plate provides eight holes for mounting blocks without any additional holes in the deck.

This is the same part included with some of our halyard to cockpit assemblies (those designed for external halyards).

• Flat mounting area of the base:
     Fore & aft: 6.75"
     Port to starboard: 5" The "wings" extending beyond these dimensions.

We have provided multiple mounting hole configurations. These are intended to match different versions of the Catalina 25 mast step supplied as standard equipment by Catalina Yachts. Catalina's original hole positions were not accurately placed. The holes in our plate are oversize to provide compatibility with most of Catalina's mast steps without the need to drill additional holes. The clamping force of the four mounting bolts and as well as the high strength sealant/adhesive used in this installation secure the plate and mast step well.