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Fuel Pump Electric Universal Diesel Kit

Part #: Z4216
Electric fuel pump mounted to the bulkhead is the pump used aboard many Catalinas.

Note: The black rubber plugs pictured are only to protect the female threads during shipping. Remove the plugs for installation.
Used with the following engines:
• 5411
• M2-12
• M-18
• M-25
• M-25XP
• M3-20
• M-35
• M4-30
• This solid state pump is a modern rendition of the original interrupter model originally installed aboard your Catalina
• New Solid State circuitry will meet or exceed all performance specifications of the original and is totally interchangeable.
• Sealed electronics
• Unlike cheaper cube style pumps, this pump still includes a built-in, replaceable 74 micron strainer to protect the pump.
• Any "big chunks" that could damage the pump are caught by the strainer before they can damage the pump.
• Easy to Install-Easy to Service:
Two bolt mounting makes installations easy. Nothing to adjust. For best results, mount the pump close to the fuel tank and below the fuel level. The pump is self-priming to 24 inches vertical fuel lift. Vertical mounting is preferred to assure maintenance of rated pressures. The only service normally required is a simple cleaning of the filter and fuel inlet cavity.
• Eliminates Vapor Lock:
When properly installed on most vehicles a constant, smooth, dependable supply of fuel under pressure is assured in the hottest weather.
• 6.5 to 8 PSI
• 32 GPH
• 12 V
• 12 to 24 inches dry lift
• State of the art electronics
• Sealed Electronics
• Built in Anti-Siphon Valve (Positive shut-off)
• Meets Coast Guard Ignition Protection Test Requirements 33CFR183.410 and Thermo Shock Test Requirements 33CFF183.590
• Replaceable 74 micron filter
• Built in magnet to collect metal particles for additional filtration
• 1.6 amp average
• Self Priming and Self Regulating
• 32 oz
• Corrosion resistant over 100 hours of salt spray
• Operating Temperature Range: -40F to 180F
• Height overall: 5-1/2"
• Depth (not including pipe to hose adapter): 2-11/16"
• Port size: 1/8" NPT

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Maintenance Ignored by the Manual
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