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Dutchman Continuous Line Toppling Lift, C-270 to C-36

Part #: Z4882
This is a replacement continuous line that is a key component of the Dutchman Flaking System. Together with the single block/cleat assembly at the aft end of the boom and the black plastic clamps that support the monofilament, this is the line that provides for adjustment of the height of the monofilament attachment points.

The Dutchman Flaking System was standard equipment on Catalinas throughout most of the 1990's and early 2000's.
Years of exposure to the the sun means it's time to replace your topping lift. A figure eight knot, captive within one of the clamps securing the monofilament lines, makes it a continuous loop. Use your old line to trim your replacement to line length and to mark it for positioning the existing clamps for a seamless swap.

Used Aboard:
• Catalina 270
• Catalina 28
• Catalina 30
• Catalina 310
• Catalina 320
• Catalina 34
• Catalina 36
• Diameter: 1/4"
• Length: 90'
• Construction: Double braid continuous strand line without mill splices (see "Read More" below for the full story)
• Fiber: Dacron Polyester cover, w/ Polyester core
• Stretch: Very low stretch
• Color: White with blue marker
The length of this item is based on the original factory specifications. However, the previous owner, like Captain Jack Sparrow, may have had an entirely different idea about how to rig a boat! Please confirm this is the correct length for your particular boat. We cut it from a long length and can't splice it back together again. Your order cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged, but, like Jack, you may have a different idea of what you can use it for!

Technical Support

What is a Mill Splice
 What is mill splicing?

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