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Gooseneck Casting Only C-42 w/ Isomat Spars

Part #: T2075
Gooseneck casting only for the early Catalina 42 non furling rigs. Original castings are no longer available and as such have an adapter sleeve welded on to be compatible with the earlier boom section.
Spud (portion that fits into the boom):
• Width, maximum: ~120mm (~4-3/4")
• Height, maximum: ~157mm (~6-3/16")
• Width, bottom: ~57mm (~2-1/4")
• Width, top: ~87mm (~3-3/8")
• Depth, into the boom extrusion: ~40mm (~1-9/16)

Slot for sheaves:
• Width, inside, overall, at top:~82.5mm (~3-1/4")
• Width, inside, individual (total of 4): top: ~16mm, bottom: ~15mm (~5/8")
• Depth to center of pivot pin recess: ~50mm (~2")

Slot for vertical gooseneck pin:
• Fore and aft, minimum: ~30mm (~1-3/16"), flares out fore and aft going up and down from the minimum listed.
• Width: 22mm (~7/8")

Horizontal hole details:
• Hole for horizontal gooseneck pin: Cleared for 10mm pin (~3/8")
• Width, overall at hole location for horizontal pin: ~42mm (~-1-5/8")
• Height, overall at hole location for horizontal pin: ~55mm (~2-3/16")
• Distance aft to center of horizontal pivot hole: ~26mm (~1")

• Length, overall, forward of boom: ~187mm (~7-3/8")
• Width, overall, outside width of boom: ~135mm (~5-1/8")
• Height, overall, height of boom: ~184mm (~7-1/4")