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Mainsheet Swivel Block Set for CP-14.2, C-15, CP-16.5, C-250

Part #: Z1978
If you have ever capsized because you couldn't get the mainsheet un-cleated you will appreciate a new, well thought out mainsheet cleat and block assembly. Harken completely reengineered the arm that supports the cleat. Being supported by two races of ball bearings, it easily pivots from side to side when you tack and doesn't wobble up and down. The cleat's Teflon® coated cams are mounted on bearings as well. The bearings allow for a lightweight spring to hold the cams closed. The Teflon® coating helps the mainsheet open the cams easily for cleating and un-cleating.
The sheets ratchet block acts like a winch for a small boat. An upgrade from the bullet block originally supplied in the rigging kit, the ratchet block reduces the load required for you to hold the sheet without cleating in heavier winds while still allowing you to play the sheet in puffs without having to cleat it.

If your boat still has the old stainless steel mainsheet swivel, you will not believe how much easier it is to sail your boat with this new assembly.