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Sail Slide, Stainless & Shackle

Part #: Z2131
This stainless steel sail slide set is very robust. If you never want a failure again, these are the correct choice. Easy to install on any sail equipped with standard grommets along the luff of the sail. Fits the 0.5" diameter round internal sail track extruded into any stock Capri 18, Catalina 22, Capri 22, Catalina 25, or Catalina 250 standard rig mast.
Each set includes one plastic slide with a molded stainless steel bail, one stainless steel shackle, and a plastic protector to prevent chafe between the sail and the stainless shackle. The slide's loose fit in the mast track ensures the slide doesn't stick or jam. To install, the shackle is inserted through the bail of the slide. A protector is added, the the clevis pin is inserted through the slide, protector and sail and screwed home.
Slide: 1.16" long and 0.375" in diameter
Shackle pin: 0.188" diameter
Space for the sail between the pin and the plastic protector: 0.7"

Both of our sail slide sets require grommets in the luff of the sail. Some cheap shackles simply screw directly through the sail's fabric. this is not a recommended method.

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