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Jabsco Macerator Pump

Part #: Z2798
Jabsco macerator pump for your waste holding tank. This pump has a run-dry shutoff feature to keep the pump from burning out if you pump the holding tank dry and accidentally leave the pump on. It can, under normal conditions, empty a 30 gallon tank in 3 minutes.
The run-dry shutoff feature of this pump is very important. It is often very difficult to hear the pump when you are motoring (which is most likely when the pump will be used). And the only way you can tell the tank is empty is to listen to the sound of the pump! As a result is is not unusual for the pump to run-dry on a regular basis. Most competing pumps do not offer this important protection device which makes it more likely you will burn out a new pump.
• Intake: 1-1/2" hose barb/NPT
• Discharge: 1" hose barb

Mounting hole pattern:
• Along the long axis of the pump: 2"
• Across the width of the pump: 3-9/16"
• Volts: 12
• Amps: 16
• Fuze size: 20 Amp @ 10 feet

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