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Masthead Casting Only C-30

Part #: K2089
Masthead truck for standard or tall rig Catalina 30 mast.
Dimensions of portion of the casting that slides into the mast extrusion:
• Fore-to-aft length: 7-3/8"
• Width: 4-3/8"

Outside dimensions of mast extrusion this masthead is intended to fit:
• Fore and aft: 8"
• Width: 4-3/4"
1) Not for early 70's boats with oval mast and external sail track (used on hulls through at least hull #232).

2) Does not include sheaves, pins, or divider plate. See "May we also suggest" below to order any of the components that you are unable to reuse from your old masthead. You might consider upgrading at least one of your sheaves to the ball bearing version, PT K1845, for rigs with internal halyards and two sheaves for external halyards as the ball bearing sheaves greatly reduce the friction and therefore the effort needed to hoist the main.

3) The clevis pin for the topping lift is a 3/8" dia with a grip length of 2-1/4", which we do not currently carry. You must transfer the old clevis pin, or source one locally if the old one cannot be reused. If neither is an option, we suggest abandoning the topping lift in favor of a rigid vang (K2139), preferred due to the much higher mechanical advantage) or a Boomkicker (K1975) used in conjunction with a soft vang (H1860).

Technical Support

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