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Bulb Navigation Aqua Signal / Hella White LED 1982->

Part #: Z3028
Replaces Aqua Signal .84 amp incandescent bulb with .12 amp LED bulb.

These light bulb modules are a direct replacement for the incandescent bulb in AquaSignal fixture typically used as standard equipment during 1982 through 1998. They are also compatible with the Hella brand light that was used beginning in 1999.

These stern lights were mounted to the stern pulpit using a welded on stainless steel bracket. The LED module can also replace the incandescent bulb in an anchor light or steaming light used by the factory during that same period.
If your boat was built before this range of dates, you may use these capsules by retrofitting your boat with the AquaSignal lights fixtures pictured below under "May we also suggest". Choose "Stern Light 2nm, Pulpit Mounted 8298, part #Z2020 for the stern light; "Steaming Navigation Light 8298", part #Z2018 for a steaming light; "Steaming & Halogen Deck Light 8298", part #Z2019 for the steaming light portion of the combination steaming and deck light; or "Navigation Anchor Light", part #Z2004 for the anchor light. You may need mounting brackets in addition if you are retrofitting these fixtures to an earlier boat.

If your boat is newer than the above date range, these capsules will also work in the "Hella" brand stern lights and steaming lights Catalina used after 1998.

Test your lights before completing the installation. LEDs are polarity sensitive. If a light doesn't light up, flip the LED module upside down to correct the polarity and this will cure the problem.

Exceptions to the above information
• Catalinas 42 feet and larger use larger light fixtures that these capsules are not compatible with.
• These capsules cannot be used in any of the red and green bow lights. The color temperature of the LED capsules makes the green light appear blue when viewed at a distance through the green lens. Not a safe choice!. For the red/green navigation light, see "Bulb LED Upgrade For Red Green Navigation Light", part #Z2508 below.

• Nickel plated brass contacts for corrosion resistance in the marine environment.
• Zero RF emission will not interfere with your VHF radio.
• Circuit boards are coated with HumiSeal&reg for moisture and environmental protection.
• Stainless steel caps adjust length and shape
• May be used to replace:
  Early Aqua Signal dimpled 44 mm
  Late Aqua Signal pointed 44mm
  Hella pointed 39 mm
• Bulb type: 39-44mm festoon LED bulb
• Voltage: 12v
• Lumens: 90
• 2 Nautical mile visibility
• Approximate power consumption: 1.8w ( ~ .15 amps)
• Approximate incandescent equivalent: 15W ( ~ 1.25 amps)
• Diameter: 12mm ( ~ .5")
• Height
   Short, pointed ends w/o caps: 36mm (~1-7/16")
   Long, pointed w/caps: 44mm (~1-3/4")
   Long, dimpled w/caps: 44mm (~1-3/4")
39mm ( ~ 1.5")
1) This light is now USCG approved fpr use in Aqua Signal series 25 light fixtures.

2) Never use in the red and green fixture on the bow. The light will look blue to other boats on the water! See the appropriate Red Green LED upgrade below in "May we also suggest" below if ordering for your bow light.

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