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Cabin Light Square Plastic

Part #: D1257
We have LED upgrades for these early fixtures even though the fixtures themselves are no longer available.
We carry several parts as well as alternatives for these early fixtures:
• Replacement incandescent bulbs
• LED's to replace the original bulbs
• New rectangular LED fixtures that cover all original mounting holes
• New round LED fixtures (with both red and white lights). Same overall dimension but may not cover all of the original mounting holes (but you can probably mount the new lamp such that the original holes are not visible)
See "May we also suggest" below for possible alternatives.

Sorry, the fixtures themselves are no longer available as they have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

A light very similar to this was used in thousands of early Catalinas. The light manufacturer has removed the fake wood applique and the shape is a bit more rounded, but the size and basic design are the same.

Consider replacing this light with one of the LED products below. Any of the LED alternatives use far less energy than the light you're replacing and they are much brighter. The round fixture for example uses a miniscule 0.04 amps compared to a full 1.0 amp for the incandescent bulb.