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Running Rigging
Upgrade Kit C-30 3/4

Part #: K1838
Our Catalina 30 3/4 running rigging upgrade kit includes:

• A complete ball bearing mid boom traveler
• Traveler mounting brackets w/hinged feet to accommodate the crown of the deck
• 5:1 travler control blocks on car & travler ends with cleats
• A complete set of 2-5/8" diameter mainsheet blocks with a 2400 pound working load suitable for line up to 1/2"
• 2 low lead genoa blocks on cars for 1" track
Mounting screws for the risers should be 1/4" flathead fasteners. We are unable to provide them or the fasteners for the halyard lift turning blocks as the thickness of the fiberglass can vary substantially from one boat to another.

If boat is equipped with a dodger: Order the traveler control dodger retrofit kit below.
Recirculating ball bearings support the load on the traveler car without binding. Control lines and cleats provide mechanical advantage to bring the car to weather. Even under high mainsheet loads, one can trim the traveler car with ease.

Traveler car bearings:
• Hi load Torlon bearings (take the load from the ?): 240
• Delrin bearings (support an unloaded car during a jibe): 240

To prevent the line from twisting or binding when used in a cascade or mainsheet system this block is supplied with a feature to lock the rotation of the shackle that is on top of the body of the block. With the use of an Allen wrench, tighten the set screw to lock the shackle in position. When used as a swiveling block, ensure the set screw is not tightened and the swiveling shackle can self-align to find the fairest lead.

• Safe Working Load: 2,400#
• Maximum Line Diameter: 1/2"
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Traveler Upgrade
An upgrade for which both you and your crew will be thankful.