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Stuffing Box Hose Kit
w/ Clamps 1-5/8" I.D.

Part #: Z3058
Stuffing box shaft log hose connects the fiberglass shaft log to the bronze stuffing box.

Although Catalina's (now closed) California based parts department shipped this hose thickness to owners of all Catalina models for years, we primarily use it on the Catalina 30. The 30's fiberglass shaft log is installed at a very acute angle to the hull. This can create a challenge for installation of our heavy duty hose (shown below under "May we also suggest"). There may be insufficient space between the hull and the shaft log to fit the thick hose and hose clamps far enough onto the shaft log.
We understand from Catalina 38 owners that the challenge of a very acute angle between the hull and shaft log is the same on this early Sparkman and Stephens design as well.

If you can fit our thicker, heavy duty hose, we highly recommend it. What can be bad about using a thicker, beefier hose if it will fit? Check your boat before ordering if you are unsure which hose will fit.

The clamps we include with this kit are made entirely from type 316 stainless steel for exceptional corrosion resistance.

The design of our clamps is also superior. Normal clamps, which have slits in the strap, engage the rubber as soon as the clamp begins to tighten. The clamp won't slip around the hose which limits the tightness. Further tightening just damages the hose.

These clamps are made with the "gear" formed on the outside of the strap. This leaves a smooth surface on the inside of the clamp. The smooth surface allows the strap to slip around the hose during tightening, creating a tighter grip on the stuffing box and shaft log. They are particularly well suited to stuffing box installation since, due to their location, they are difficult to inspect regularly.

• Hose
• 4 high quality type 316 stainless steel hose clamps
• Installation instructions
• Inside Diameter: 1-5/8"
• Outside Diameter: ~ 2-1/8"
• Wall thickness: ~ 3/16" to 1/4"
• Length: 5"
Unfortunately Catalina's records regarding the length of hose used in each boat are not complete. We believe that our 5" long hose will accommodate most Catalinas. If yours is shorter (many Catalina 30's use 3-1/2" long hose) it can be trimmed carefully with a hack saw. If you believe your hose may be longer than 5", please measure before ordering. Some old parts books call out a 1-1/2" inside diameter hose. If your hose is longer or has the smaller inside diameter, please give our tech support line a call. We may be able to help.